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Specs – Schmidt Equipment’s "E" Series Light Duty Roll-off Containers

E Series "Bathtub" model shown below,
"Rectangular" model also available.

E series 20 yd


a) 6"x 2"x !/4" steel tube rails and 6" long nose rollers w/threaded grease fittings used on all models;

b) Solid steel nose inserts are slid inside tubes and then securely welded in place;

c) The rear crossmember is a boxed 3" channel, as normally used by other manufacturers. However, this is not as strong as the 6 x 3 tube used in Schmidt Equipment’s heavy duty "H" model containers (6 x 3 tube is 50% stronger than the boxed channels, so the sides of the container are much less likely to spread apart at the top);

d) The rear corner posts are securely welded to the floor, but not through the floor and directly to the rear crossmember (the joint is as strong as in containers made by other manufacturers, but not as strong as in SEI's welded-through-floor heavy duty "H" models);

e) Floor is 3/16" (!0 Ga for 15 yd and smaller), with all joints located over cross channels and welded so the welds penetrate all the way through the floor and into the cross channels; (some manufacturers have joints running lengthwise or not located over the channels, which results in the welds eventually cracking and breaking apart);

f) Floor is supported on 3" cross channels on 16" centers (many other manufacturers use 18" to 20" c/c -- note that 18" adds nearly 25% more bending load to floor plates, and 20" adds 50%)

g) Side sheets are approximately 1/8" thick, with all seams (including top edges) welded continuously for maximum resistance to rusting;

h) 7 posts per side (including rear corner post) except 20 ft models have 6 posts; all posts have rear-facing drain holes and minimum 2" long welds on approximately 12" c/c;

i) Hinges are 1-1/2" schedule 80 pipe w/screw-in grease fittings; (2) on 20 yds, (3) on 30 & 40 yds;

j) Downward-acting latch lever (can't swing out and hit operator when opened, and designed so it pulls the door inward as it is closed; (2) latch bars on 20 and 30 yds, (3) on 40 yds;

k) (2) ground rollers, 8" dia with 1-1/2" axles and recessed screw-in grease fittings; all roller support plates welded to special support channels and floor -- no supports welded to floor only;

l) (2) 3/8"x4"x15" bump plates on bottom of front posts; no push plate, no side pipes.

m) Inside of container and floor protected with primer, outside acid etched, primed and painted 2 color coats.

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